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What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is science of natural treatment which may encourage the body to heal itself in an amazing way.

  • First, by breaking through the barriers which inhibit healing.                                                          
  • Second, by giving the body more energy to heal.

Illness creates blocks that hinder the body’s natural ability to heal and balance. Homeopathic remedies are made in a way to break through those blocks and stimulating the body’s own natural defense mechanisms.

Illness depletes the body of energy. When a person experiences emotional or physical illness, especially over long periods of time, exhaustion sets in. The body is trying to heal but does not have the strength to push through the barriers of illness. A homeopathic remedy uses the pattern and energy from a substance in nature to encourage healing. Homeopathic remedies are thought to work more on the laws of physics, with the goal to encourage the body to HEAL and BALANCE deeper than diet, herbs or vitamins.

Why Choose Homeopathy Over Other Treatments?
  • It’s SUCCESSFUL with many different types of  health complaints.
  • IT OFFERS HOPE of real improvement.
  • Homeopathic remedies are SAFE, has no chemical side effects. 
  • The goal is to get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.
  • Homeopathic treatment is EASY and does not require strict diets or taking multiple herbs etc.
  • THE BODY WAS DESIGNED TO HEAL, homeopathy encourages the body to heal itself.

remedyIn classical homeopathic treatment we look for ONE homeopathic remedy, which is called your “constitutional remedy”. We look for one remedy which covers your symptoms and complaints. The remedy is easy to take, even for children. As a Classical Homeopath, I believe there is a connection or thread between all your complaints. For example, emotions affect our physical health and vice versa. As a Professional Homeopath I believe by listening to you, your symptoms will let me know what substance in nature is best for your health and well-being. Naturopaths can give you multiple herbs or vitamins for each complaint, much like medical doctors who give a prescription for each complaint. Classical Homeopathy is truly holistic. By matching your complaints to a constitutional remedy it may encourage your body to balance and repair the problem itself.

HEALTH IS ABOUT BALANCE AND FREEDOM.   The goal is to feel and be Happier, Healthier and have more Energy.

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