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Is Homeopathy Herbal?

remediesNO. When you take an herb, you’re actually ingesting part of an edible plant. But other substances in nature have a healing potential besides plants. Homeopathic remedies are made from many substances in nature.

Is Homeopathy Safe?

YES. Since homeopathy is not made on the laws of chemistry, but perhaps more on the laws of physics, you do not have to worry about a chemical reaction or a conflict with your prescription medicines. It can work along side what your doctor prescribes. Also there are no chemical side-effects, chemical overdosing, and they are not additive or habit-forming the way chemicals can become.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

HOMEOPATHY IS TRULY HOLISTIC. A customized treatment geared specifically for your health concerns. No two people have the exact the same symptoms, complaints, or reasons why they’re suffering.  Symptoms are the bodies way of letting a Homeopath know what substance in nature to choose. I LOOK AT ALL THE SYMPTOMS…. MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, AND PHYSICAL in choosing the correct remedy for you. If your body resonates with the remedy chosen your body responds.

What Is the Difference Between a Homeopath and a Naturopath?

A naturopath is like a ‘general practitioner’ of natural healthcare.  I specialize in homeopathic treatment and have seen success in treating many chronic concerns.   One true constitutional or “simillimum” remedy is easy and simple to take, yet it encourages healing in a much deeper way than any herb, vitamin, or diet.

What Kinds of Illnesses Does Homeopathy Help?

Under the right conditions what can the body fix?  WHAT IS YOUR HEALTH COMPLAINT? LET’S TRY FINDING A REMEDY FOR YOU. Homeopathy is thought to break down the barriers that are keeping your body from healing itself and triggers the body’s own natural defenses. Our body was designed to heal and repair itself, Homeopathy works to encourage these powerful healing mechanisms. I HAVE LEARNED TO NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE BODIES DESIRE TO HEAL!

      • AUTISM – I love treating children and adults with autism. I have experience the most amazing things treating children or young adults with autism. I have seen improved communication, less stemming, more comprehension. Better progress reports and behaviors at home and school. Homeopathy offers real hope.
      • MENTAL –  Fears, phobias, learning disabilities in children, memory or lack of clarity have improved with homeopathy.
      • EMOTIONAL – I have helped many  people with depression, panic attacks, PTSD and abuse.
      • PHYSICALMany physical conditions have been improved with homeopathy. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes have seen good improvement in blood sugar levels and A1c blood test. I have seen pain, chronic fatigue, migraines in time disappear. A woman with heart disease who is now 10 years older and has better blood and heart test than when she started.
      • homeopathy-can-help-hormonesHORMONAL Bio-identical hormones chemically try to force our hormones to change. Homeopathy encourages the body to balance our own hormones.

        Homeopathy works well for young woman who are having all kinds of hormonal issues, including infertility.

        As well as many woman who struggle the difficulties of post and peri-menopausal symptoms.

What Makes One Homeopath Different Than Another Homeopath?

Homeopaths who use combination remedies, multiple remedies, or who change the remedy at every visit may be an indication of an inability to find the “simillimum” or the best constitutional remedy for you. Many Homeopaths limit themselves to a few hundred remedies (polychrest) when there are thousands to choose from.

Homeopathy is continuously growing. Choose a Homeopath who continues to learn and  keeps current with homeopathic knowledge and education world wide.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO LOOK FOR THE CREDENTIALS OF CCH, and/or RSHom(NA). These credentials mean a Homeopath has education which has allowed them to meet the National Standards for Homeopaths in the United States. They must continue his or her education and receive a certain amount of CEUs (continuing education credits) each year.  If they do not have these credentials you have no way of knowing if they have a good education or any formal homeopathic education.


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